Why choose plastic over metal for engine oil cap?

Why choose plastic over metal for engine oil cap?

Oil cans are an important part of the automotive industry and engine oil cap play a key role in protecting the oil’s seal, corrosion resistance and performance. However, why do most oil cans choose to use a plastic lid rather than a metal one? This article will delve into the reasons for choosing plastic for oil can lids and explain the advantages of plastic lids over metal lids.

Lightweighting and cost effectiveness

One of the primary objectives of oil caps is to be lightweight. Plastic caps are lighter compared to metal caps, which helps to reduce engine load and improve fuel efficiency. In addition, plastic caps are often cheaper to produce, making them an economical option for high volume production. Car manufacturers can achieve cost efficiencies by choosing plastic covers and thus devote more resources to the development of other key components.

engine oil cap:Thermal insulation and corrosion resistance

Plastic lids show good performance in terms of thermal insulation. In contrast, metal lids conduct heat in hot environments, which can lead to increased lid surface temperatures. The use of plastic covers reduces heat transfer in the engine compartment and helps to maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine. In addition, plastic covers have good corrosion resistance, resisting oil and other chemicals and extending the life of the cover.

engine oil cap:Ease of manufacture and freedom of design

Plastic lids are easier to manufacture than metal lids because the plastic material can be manufactured through a simplified production process such as injection moulding. In addition, plastic caps offer a high degree of design freedom, allowing a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to be achieved as required to meet the appearance and brand image requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

In summary

The choice of plastic lids for oil cans offers advantages such as light weight, corrosion resistance, sealing performance, cost effectiveness, resistance to vibration and noise reduction and design flexibility. These advantages make plastic lids a common choice for oil cans.

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