Plastic caps manufacturer offers one-stop packaging solutions

We started producing plastic bottle caps in 1992 and now have 20 production lines. Our plastic cap products cover plastic bottle caps for the chemical industry, cleaning and care industry, and food industry. We are a comprehensive one-stop solution. Whether it is a large order or a small batch order, we have a complete supply chain to meet all your needs.

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Versatile plastic cap options

Explore Fanxun’s diverse range of plastic caps and confidently customize your packaging to meet the specific needs of industries around the world.

Engine Oil & Lubricating Oil

Lndustrial Plastic Caps

Keep your products safe and secure with our industrial-grade plastic lids. It ensures sealing and corrosion resistance, meeting the high standards of global industries.

Food Plastic Caps

Elevate your product packaging with our water bottle caps! Whether you crave convenience, performance or personality, we have a plastic lid to meet your needs and match your style.

Cleaning Supplies Caps

Designed specifically for clean product containers, these lids provide a premium seal to prevent spills and ensure a secure fit and optimal functionality.

Metal Packaging

Enhance your products with superior metal packaging solutions. Our metal containers are made from high-quality aluminum or steel and offer many benefits for your brand.

Beyond plastic caps

Comprehensive plastic bottle cap packaging solutions

Fanxun is not only a manufacturer of plastic bottle caps, but also a factory that produces high-quality plastic lids. We create packaging solutions with care. Whether you want wholesale services or design to print, our one-stop service ensures your products get meaningful packaging.

plastic caps.

The benefits that Fanxun’s customized plastic lids bring to various industries

In addition to wholesale services, our customizations range from unique shapes to personalized sizes and unique logo prints, and we provide precision engineering that perfectly matches your brand image.

Custom plastic caps

The plastic lids we produce include lids for the chemical, food, and cleaning industries. There is always a product that suits you.

Make sure your product stands out in the market with a plastic lid that reflects your unique brand image

Choose the plastic lid size, shape, print and functionality that suits your product requirements to ensure optimal functionality and user experience.

Work with our expert design team to create visually stunning packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your consumers.

You have the flexibility to order quantities that suit your business needs, reducing excess inventory and minimizing waste.

Our face-to-face after-sales support gives you peace of mind, ensuring any issues are resolved promptly and effectively.

Application of Fanxun plastic lids in the industry

Learn how Fanxun’s precision-engineered plastic lids provide versatile packaging solutions across industries, making them ideal for your business.

Automobile And Car care
Car care product packaging
Food packaging
Clean care packaging
Chemical product packaging

About Us

Here is some information about our company

Guangzhou Fanxun Plastic Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is located in Guangzhou, one of the largest ports in China. Our factory provides professional plastic closure and metal closure solutions to the majority of users. It also produces plastic caps, plastic nozzle caps, plastic screw caps, metal packaging spray caps, plastic packaging industrial caps, food-grade plastic flip caps, plastic pumps, and tinplate parts, metal covers, etc.

User Comments

Hear what our customers have to say about our products and services

Andrés Espinosa

Regions of Mexico

This lube cap is the best I have ever purchased. It has an excellent seal, no oil leaks or seepage. And it has a convenient on/off design that makes it easy to open and close. The material is also of high quality and feels like it will last a long time. Thank you so much to the seller for providing such a quality product!

Fernando López

Columbia District

I didn’t realize the importance of oil bottle caps until I tried this product! The quality is excellent, the installation was easy, the fit is tight and it has completely eliminated the problem of leaking fluids. I don’t have to worry about oil leaks anymore either. Thank you so much for this quality product!

José Vásquez

Regions of Peru

I bought this plastic spout cap cover for storing lube and oil. It is intelligently designed to prevent clogging of the spout and unwanted leakage of fluids. The lid seals well and keeps the fluids in tip-top condition. I think it’s a great investment and it ensures the quality of the fluid. Very satisfied!

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