Industrial plastic caps manufacturer offers one-stop packaging solutions

We started making industrial plastic lids in 1992 and now have 20 production lines. Fanxun has redefined industrial packaging with precision product design and quality assurance, comprehensive one-stop packaging solutions, whether it is a large order or a small batch order, we Have a complete supply chain to meet all your needs

Face-to-Face After-Sales Solutions
30,000,000+ Monthly Production Capacity

Versatile Plastic Caps Options

Explore Fanxun’s diverse range of lid products and confidently customize your packaging and sealing of your industrial products to meet the industry-specific needs of industries around the world.

Engine Oil & Lubricating Oil

Our engine oil caps provide leak-proof and secure packaging, designed for high performance and meet the sealing needs of a variety of engine oils, lubricants

Automobile And Car care

Do your automotive products have specific and unique sealing needs? Fanxun has extensive sealing experience in the automotive industry, lubricants and engine oil industries

Metal Caps

Our metal caps provide leak-proof, corrosion-proof and secure packaging designed for high performance to meet a variety of chemical product sealing needs

Plastic Bucket caps

Plastic barrels have many applications, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution for their caps. Fanxun provides users with closure solutions covering various plastic barrel applications to meet your needs

Beyond plastic caps

Comprehensive plastic caps packaging solutions

Fanxun doesn’t just make plastic caps: we create packaging solutions. From design to printing to product manufacturing, our one-stop service ensures your products meet user solutions.

Comprehensive plastic caps packaging solutions

Benefits brought by Fanxun’s customized lids to the chemical industry

Whether it’s a plastic lid or a metal lid we offer personalized sizes and unique logo prints, we provide precision engineering that perfectly matches your brand image.

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At Fanxun, we are on your side and committed to your success. We act as a trusted partner to accompany you through the development and manufacture of the right closure for your application. Our award-winning focus on sustainability ensures that your product will meet your goals for recyclability.

After Sales Service

We have a dedicated team to provide support and services to meet the needs of our customers and solve problems


Our products are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH certified and other product certifications

Trained Workers

In my company we have a group of skilled employees who have been manufacturing cans for many years

Reasonable time

From order placement, manufacturing to delivery process we will arrange sufficient time to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer on time

Online Customer Service

We have a dedicated customer service to answer questions online to help you understand the product more deeply

Workmanship Quality

Effective management of process parameters, process flow and process control in the production process

A Global Network, Ready for You

In recent years, we have been pioneers and experienced cap manufacturers in the service oriented industry. Fanxun has a production base of 30,000 square meters and 16 sales teams. We offer technical and sales support in multiple languages to ensure your voice is always heard.









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