The best way to open a lotion pump

how to open a lotion pump

Lotion pumps are generally installed at the opening of the container. The user’s manual pressing operation pumps the lotion, hand sanitizer and other liquids in the container out of the container for use. At the same time, it is a common packaging form for various liquid products, such as lotions, hand sanitizers and shampoos. They are convenient to use, but sometimes difficult to open. Don’t be discouraged. Here are some best ways to open a lotion pump.

Keep the bottle cap locked and unscrew the pump head

Most lotion pumps come with a twist-off pump head. To open the pump head, you need to hold the pump head and slowly turn it counterclockwise. When twisting the pump, be careful not to twist the entire device off the bottle. When you unlock it, the pump will pop up. If you have difficulty unscrewing the pump head by hand, you can try using rubber gloves or towels to increase friction. There are many different unlocking methods in different manufacturers’ designs

Press to unlock

This method of opening a lotion pump requires pressing the pump head and rotating it at the same time to unlock it. Press the pump head and then turn it counterclockwise until the pump head unlocks. Note: Press and rotate simultaneously, otherwise it may not unlock.

Lift to unlock

Some lotion pumps are designed to unlock by lifting the pump head. First, gently rotate the pump head, then lift the pump head until the pump pops up, which means it has been unlocked.

Buckle unlock

Some other lotion pumps are designed with buckles, which need to be pressed at a specific position to unlock. Usually at the bottom or side of the pump head. After finding the buckle, gently press and rotate or lift the pump head at the same time.


There are many ways to open the lotion pump, mainly depending on the manufacturer’s design. The lotion pumps made by Fanxun manufacturers all meet the above opening methods. The unique design allows users to easily open without the help of any tools. Fanxun has products that meet your needs. See more of our products here!

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