Use and maintenance of lotion pump

What is a lotion pump?

The lotion pump, also called a press-type lotion pump, is a liquid dispenser that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the liquid in the bottle by pressing and replenish the outside atmosphere into the bottle. Lotion pumps are mainly used in the packaging of toiletries, cosmetics, food and other products in our daily life.

The working principle of the lotion pump

Its working principle is to use a piston or diaphragm to generate a vacuum. When the pressure head of the lotion pump is pressed, the piston or diaphragm moves downward, compressing the air in the pump chamber to form a negative pressure. Under the action of negative pressure, the liquid in the bottle is sucked into the pump chamber through the straw. After releasing the pressure head, the piston or diaphragm returns to its position under the action of the spring, and the air in the pump chamber is re-sucked to discharge the liquid.

The structure of the lotion pump

The most typical lotion pump consists of: a head, a brace, a cylinder head, a cylinder, a piston rod, a piston, a piston head, a spring, a lower one-way valve, a gasket, and a hose. But not all lotion pumps must contain these parts. Depending on the specific performance requirements, some parts can be combined or replaced.

How to open the lotion pump

Are you still having trouble opening the lotion pump? Now I will guide you how to open it easily. Under normal circumstances, we will hold the pump head tightly and twist it open.
But sometimes they may be difficult to open. We can take the pump out of the bottle, rinse it and wipe it dry, then hold the smooth part of the top of the pump with your hand, hold it firmly in place, move the nozzle in the direction indicated by the arrow, and keep rotating until you see the lotion pump rod pop out, and finally put the lotion pump back into the bottle, and you can use the new product

How to close the lotion pump

The lotion pump is a common packaging component in life. Correctly closing the shampoo pump bottle and shower gel bottle can not only ensure the quality of the product but also save you a lot of trouble when you go out. If it is not closed properly, the liquid may leak. Imagine how bad it would be if you opened your luggage and found that shower gel or shampoo was leaking on your belongings when you were traveling or working.

General steps to close the lotion pump

First, we need to determine the type of lotion pump and then use the corresponding closing method according to the type

  1. Rotary lotion pump: Turn the pressure head counterclockwise to close.
  2. Press-type lotion pump: Press the pressure head and rotate to close.
  3. High-viscosity lotion pump: You need to rotate the pressure head hard to close.
  4. Back-suction lotion pump: Press the pressure head to the bottom first, then release it to suck back the liquid remaining in the pressure head and nozzle and close the lotion pump.

How to fix a lotion pump

Lotion pumps may have some faults during use, such as no liquid, leakage, etc., which will cause lotion pump not working. Repairing a lotion pump is not a complicated task. It only takes a few simple steps to restore its normal function. First, make sure there is no residual lotion in the pump. Remove the pump from the bottle and clean the pump head and tube thoroughly with warm water to remove any lotion that may be blocked. Next, check the pump head and tube for any cracks or damage. If damage is found, you may need to replace new parts. If the pump head and tube are intact, put the pump back into the bottle and make sure that the parts are tightly connected. If the pump still does not work properly, you can try to clean the outlet hole of the pump head with a fine needle or toothpick to ensure that there is no blockage affecting the use. Finally, press the pump head repeatedly several times until the lotion flows out smoothly. With these steps, you can easily repair the lotion pump and extend its service life.


Lotion pumps play an important role in daily skin care and personal care. When we learn how to use and maintain them, it will bring you a lot of convenience in daily life. In addition, use. Good quality products can effectively extend the quality and service life of lotions. As a lotion pump manufacturer for more than 20 years, FANXUN brings you high-quality lotion pumps. You can find more of our products here!

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