Turn waste into treasure: How to make plastic lid crafts

Plastic caps are common items in life. In life, we often use various plastic bottles. After using them, we often throw away the used plastic bottles and caps together. do you know? In fact, these plastic covers can be used to make a variety of interesting handmade crafts, and can also allow children to participate in them. Not only can they exercise their hands-on skills, but they can also use their imagination and creativity to enhance parent-child interaction.

Plastic lid crafts prepare materials

Next we will start to use plastic lids to make some beautiful plastic lid crafts, so before that we need to prepare the following items

  1. Plastic covers in various colors
  2. Scissors, paintbrush, drawing paper
  3. Glue (hot melt glue or white glue)
  4. Other decorative materials (optional, such as paint, ribbons, beads, etc.)

After we have prepared the following materials for making handicrafts, we can start using plastic lids to make handicrafts.

Plastic lid crafts production steps

  1. Collect and clean plastic caps: Collect used plastic bottle caps, clean them and dry them.
  2. Design patterns: Teach children an idea for crafts based on their and your preferences and imagination. For example, draw the shape of a cat, puppy or other animal. Use a brush to draw the pattern you want to make on the drawing paper, and then use Made of plastic cover.
  3. Paste the plastic lid: Paste the plastic covers together according to the designed pattern. They can be attached with glue or hot glue.
  4. Decorative works: You can use paint, ribbons, beads and other materials to decorate the works to make them more beautiful.

Use your own ideas and your children’s ideas to make beautiful plastic lid crafts. During the production process, you can also popularize the knowledge that recycling plastic lids can protect the environment, and let the children use their imagination to make their own. While making your own handicrafts, you can also provide certain environmental protection knowledge.

Examples of plastic lid craft ideas:

  1. Use plastic lids to make various animals, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, etc.
  2. Use plastic lids to make various flowers, such as roses, lilies, sunflowers, etc.
  3. Use plastic lids to make various jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.
  4. Use plastic lids to make various daily necessities, such as pen holders, photo frames, coasters, etc.
plastic lid crafts
plastic lid crafts

Kind tips

*During the production process, pay attention to safety to prevent children from being cut by scissors.
*When using glue, be careful not to get it on your eyes and skin.
*The finished work should be placed in a dry place away from direct sunlight.


Using discarded plastic lids to make handmade crafts can not only make a certain contribution to environmental protection and public welfare, but also promote parent-child interaction and cultivate children’s hands-on ability and creativity. Parents can use their creativity to create various interesting works with their children.

Some additional tips to help you make better plastic lid crafts:

  1. Choose plastic covers with bright colors and regular shapes to make the work more beautiful.
  2. Before pasting the plastic covers, fix them with glue to prevent them from shifting during the pasting process.
  3. When decorating works, you can use a variety of materials to combine, which can make the works more colorful.
    I hope this guidance article can help you and your children make exquisite plastic lid crafts and enjoy a happy time of parent-child interaction!

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