The choice of cover

The choice of cover

Lids play an important role in our daily lives as they are used to protect, seal and store items in a variety of containers. Choosing the right lid is important for keeping food fresh, preventing leaks and ensuring the safety of stored items. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive lid selection guide to help you choose the most appropriate lid for different scenarios.

Material selection:

Plastic lids: Suitable for most non-food uses, such as cosmetics, cleaners and tools. Make sure you choose a non-hazardous plastic material that meets food-grade safety standards.

Metal lids: Commonly used for canned foods and beverages. Stainless steel or aluminum lids are durable and have good sealing properties.

Glass lids: Suitable for storing food and condiments. Glass lids do not release harmful substances and provide a clear view of the stored items.

The choice of cover
57mm Plastic Screw Cap
The choice of cover
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The choice of cover
200L Oil Metal Barrel Pressure Cap

Lid types:

Threaded lids: The most common type of lid, with threads that fit into the container to achieve a seal. Suitable for most food and non-food containers.

Press-on lids: Commonly found on glass jars or bottles, the seal is achieved by a rubber gasket and metal fastening. Ensures a strong “squeaking” sound when fastened.

Flip Cap: Commonly found on beverage bottles or liquid containers, opened or closed by a movable flip cap. Ensure that the flip-top lid has a reliable seal.

Inserted lid: Commonly found on plastic containers, the lid is inserted into the container to achieve a seal. Ensures that the lid fits tightly into the container after insertion to prevent leakage.

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Sealing performance:

Airtightness: For containers that need to maintain food freshness or prevent oxidation, it is important to choose a lid with excellent airtightness.

Leak-proof: For liquid or semi-solid items such as industrial gasoline, food salad dressing, etc., choose a lid with excellent leak-proof performance to avoid leaks and seepage.

Moisture resistance: For containers that need to be moisture resistant, such as coffee, tea and dry goods, choosing a lid with good moisture resistance will maintain the quality and taste of the item.

Size and compatibility:

Lid size: Make sure you choose a lid that matches the container’s caliber to ensure a complete seal and a secure hold.

Compatibility: For specific brands or models of containers, choose lids that are compatible with them to ensure a perfect fit and sealing performance.

Our final recommendation:

When users choose a lid, they should consider the material, type, sealing performance, size and compatibility of the lid and other such factors are very important. Depending on your specific needs and usage scenarios, choosing the right lid can ensure the safety of your items.

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