oil Filler cap gasket replacement

Oil Filler cap gasket replacement

The oil filler cap gasket, also known as the oil cap seal or oil cap grommet, is a small rubber or silicone ring that sits on the underside of the oil filler cap. The gasket creates a seal between the cap and the engine, preventing oil leaks and keeping contaminants out of the engine.

Over time, the gasket may wear out or become damaged, resulting in oil leaks or other issues. If you notice oil around the oil cap or on the engine, it may be time to replace the gasket.

To replace the oil filler cap gasket, follow these steps:

1、Allow the engine to cool down completely.

2、Remove the old oil filler cap gasket from the underside of the cap.

3、Clean the oil filler cap and the engine surface around the oil filler hole with a clean rag or towel.

4、Place the new oil filler cap gasket onto the underside of the oil filler cap, making sure it is seated properly.

5、Place the oil filler cap back onto the engine and tighten it securely.

Start the engine and check for any oil leaks around the oil cap and the engine.

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It is important to use the correct size and type of shims for your specific vehicle to ensure proper fit and seal. You can contact us on our website to find replacement refueling cover gaskets.

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