EPE Wads ensure product freshness and safety

In the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, sealing performance is crucial and is directly related to product quality and safety. We are proud to introduce EPE Wads (also known as Expanded Polyethylene Wads), an excellent choice for your product sealing needs. We’ll take a closer look at the features of EPE Wads and why they are an ideal product for use in a wide variety of industries.

Two Piece Induction Seals Printed
Two Piece Induction Seals Printed
EPE Wads:Holographic Induction Seals
Holographic Induction Seals
Features of EPE Wads:
  1. Excellent sealing performance: EPE Wads provide excellent sealing performance to ensure complete sealing of product packaging, thereby preventing oxygen, moisture and external contaminants from entering the packaging.
  2. Food-grade materials: Our EPE Wads are made of food-grade polyethylene materials, which are safe and reliable and will not cause contamination to food, drugs or cosmetics.
  3. Temperature resistance: EPE Wads has excellent temperature resistance, can withstand high and low temperature environments, and is suitable for product sealing under various conditions.
  4. Flexibility and elasticity: These gaskets have good elasticity and can adapt to containers of different shapes and sizes, ensuring a tight fit.
  5. Easy to apply: EPE Wads are easy to install and can be placed at the mouth of the packaging container manually or automatically to provide a reliable seal.
Application areas of EPE Wads:
  1. Food industry: EPE Wads are widely used in food packaging, such as cans, bottles, bottle caps, etc., to ensure the freshness and hygiene of food.
  2. Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical field, EPE Wads are used in pharmaceutical bottle caps to protect the quality of pharmaceuticals and avoid contamination by external factors.
  3. Cosmetic industry: Cosmetic manufacturers use EPE Wads to seal various cosmetic containers to ensure product stability and shelf life.
  4. Industrial use: EPE Wads can also be used in industrial applications, such as chemical products and lubricant packaging, to provide reliable sealing.
Why choose our EPE Wads?

Quality Assurance: Our EPE Wads meet the highest quality standards, ensuring reliable sealing performance.

Variety: We offer EPE Wads in various specifications and sizes to meet the needs of different industries and products.

Food Grade Certification: Our products are made of food grade materials and comply with food safety regulations.

Custom Design: If required, we can provide custom EPE Wads based on your specific requirements to ensure optimal sealing.

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