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Unleash the untapped potential of your products with Fanxun’s premium detergent lid accessories, we provide the right size, renk, design and model to perfectly fit your solution

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The benefits of Fanxun’s customized wholesale bottle caps to the detergent supplies industry

In addition to regular sizes, colors, models, vesaire. we can also provide personalized size customization and unique logo printing. We provide precision engineering that perfectly matches your brand image.

Various applications of Fanxun lids

Learn how Fanxun’s precision-engineered lids for detergent products provide a versatile packaging solution across industries, onları işletmeniz için ideal hale getiriyor.

Packaging for small spray bottles, can be used for hair spray, essential oil spray, hydrating spray, cleaning liquid spray accessories

Can be used for cleaning liquid product packaging. They are used as spray accessories for hygienic cleaning products in bathrooms and toilets, kitchens, vesaire.

This lotion dispenser pump packaging accessories are used for shower gel, shampoo bottles

High quality custom empty PE plastic caps for liquid laundry detergent bottles, or other cleaning care product bottle caps

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